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The Soul Driver

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You're running away from the police, or rather, driving. You only have another 42 miles to go to reach the border with Mexico where you will be safe. Try and do this in the shortest time with minimal damage and a lot of money. Easy, isn't it? The police are already on your heels and gain new ways of stopping you every time. At the same time you need to avoid all the obstacles you come across and mind the speed limit, that is, if you want to. You cannot pick up hitch hikers, that can be dangerous, let them walk. Watch out for oil that can make you slip. Wash your tires of the oil by driving through the water. Well, it is up to you now. Are you faster than anyone else?
Control: Move with the arrow keys, use the H for your horn, the S for the wipers. For accelleration use the F and the D will let you brake. Press the space bar for an extra boost and the P if you need a pause.

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