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Such a useful, but at the same time disgusting little monster! You might wonder why: it collects puke. It scours the streets in search of vomit and as soon as it finds something, it sucks it up. When the little monster finds itself in an awkward situation, for example in a well it can't jump out of, it vomits a huge quantity of green puke, through which it swims up. And the little monster won't waste its puke, oh no: it sucks it up as quickly as it has spitted it out, so that it can reuse it another time. You never know when it might be useful! Will you go on an adventure with him?
Control: Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around. Click and hold the left mouse button to spit into a certain direction. Press the spacebar to absorb vomit. Use R to restart the level, and P to temporarily pause the game.

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