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Mad Burger

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Your hamburger stand is close to a campsite, and suddenly you get an order for the entire campsite! Will you be able to provide the entire site with hamburgers? Good thing you know how to aim, so do your best and throw those burgers as far as you can, to the campsite! But a great aim alone won't be enough: the campers also want different sauces on their burgers. It's your job to add the sauce... mid-air. While flying your burger could also freeze, make sure it thaws in good time, otherwise you have to deal with one angry camper... At the end of each level you can get upgrades for even better results!
Control: Click when the arrow is as close to 'max' as possible to launch your burger as far as you can. Keep the left mouse button down to add a sauce when the burger is mid-air. Click on the burger to thaw it in case it has frozen.

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